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Vaughanworks Publishing

Vaughanworks Publishing creates and produces literary works of various genres. Some titles are included below.

The Adventures of Annie Marmalade- Quest for the Ronji Crystal

ISBN:  9780977116041

When the sacred Ronji Crystal is taken to the Giants of the dark mountains, a little girl with a special gift is the only one who can return it. The sacred Ronji Crystal has been taken from the magical town of Goodhaven. The Crystal holds a curse that prevents the Giants of the dark mountains from attacking the town. The king of Goodhaven sends his son, Prince Marion, to retrieve it. His request, take neither man, woman, nor boy with him. Prince Marion finds his solution in a small girl with a special gift. Annie Marmalade has the power to turn any item into a dessert.  Annie uses her gift to create desserts to battle King Ontross and his minions.  This, however, is just the beginning. Follow this magical adventure as a little girl stands between hope and the threat from the dark mountains.

The Contradiction

ISBN: 1589394321

A criminal underworld plagues a Midwestern city and two young boys are caught in the crossfire. In “The Contradiction,” Chris Parker and James Johnson each chronicle their life growing up in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The two best friends form a bond, despite the differences between their white and black races. When a horribly painful event ruptures the stability of their lives, the two young men must leave the security of their youth and face the harsh reality of the world in which they live.

What My Heart Desires

ISBN 9780977116034

When we live our lives solely through negative emotions, we end up with lives filled with lies, betrayal, deceit and deception.  Tracy Moore has been hurt so many times by those who swore to love her unconditionally that she couldn’t tell the difference between reality and fiction.

Follow the life of a woman who believed she had it all together, when in reality she was just following The Desires of her Heart.

Love, Life and Kingdom

ISBN: 0977116018

Love, Life and Kingdom is a powerful and passionate collection of poetry written by Julian Vaughan Hampton. These immersing poems reflect who we were, acknowledge who we are, and celebrate who we are destined to become. Each of us has a place deep within that yearns to be understood. The poetry in Love, Life and Kingdom addresses those needs, tapping into the physical, emotional and spiritual position of the heart. Find the poems that draw you close to them, inspire you, or challenge your views of life. From success to failure, joy to pain, love lost and love gained, all with the purpose of finding love and life in within the Kingdom.

An aspiring artist crashes into a world of mystery and deception in Julian Vaughan Hampton’s book titled Limbus. When Pamela Fontain experiences dreams concerning a series of unsolved murders, she must discover if she is an innocent witness, or a cold-blooded killer. Journey through the mind of a woman involved in an intense game of cat and mouse, as she discovers if she is living out a nightmare, or simply losing her sanity.

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